​​​​The 2-2.5 hour  FSL  course introduces construction foremen and those with supervisory responsibilities to 5 critical leadership principles and provides them with the skills for becoming more effective safety leaders.  

FSL  COURSE material

5 Safety Leadership Skills​

Lead by Example
Engage and Empower Team Members
Actively Listen & Practice 3-Way Communication
DEvelop Team Members through Teaching, Coaching, & Feedback
Recognize Team Members for a Job Well-Done​

Real-world, Construction-based Scenarios
Animated videos, role-play, and reading scenarios are provided with the course

 1) Cover up! 

2) It’s too hot, too hot, too hot baby
3) To check or not to check 
4) Gimme some space 
5) The right tool for the right job 
6) Do we have to? 
​7) Fritz takes a short cut

Foundational Material

Concepts and topics discussed during the course

- Characteristics of effective and ineffective leaders
- Importance of safety leadership
- Safety climate
- Costs of poor safety leadership
- Benefits of effective safety leadership